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Aug 27


You may have heard Jazz Dad Books will be tabling at Safari Festival https://www.facebook.com/events/255312464660716/?ref=ts&fref=ts this weekend.

After selling out of many titles at ELCAF back in June I’ve been working hard to reprint lots of titles, including:

Blue by Jayde Perkin

Girls by Jamie Jones

Slowly Dying by Disa Wallander

Therapy by Edward Cheverton

We’ll have lots more titles as well as a few new ones including david biskup and newton’s first law of motion by David Biskup.

We’ll also have original art, prints and the legendary Jazz Dad Badge to give away with every purchase!

Pop by and say hello! I’ll be on the table with team Jazz Dad:

David Biskup, Jayde Perkin, David McMillan, Aisling Marray, Matt Pettit.

Sad I can’t go to Safari Festival, but at least I’ll have some comics there through Jazz Dad books - stop by their table for lots of good stuff!

Aug 26
by the light of an oddly yellow moon"I really do prefer crêpes," she begunif the moon is a pancake, then at noon -will there be a round biscuit sun?

by the light of an oddly yellow moon

"I really do prefer crêpes," she begun

if the moon is a pancake, then at noon -

will there be a round biscuit sun?

Aug 25

A mystery.


A mystery.

Dancer +1

Dancer +1

Aug 24


Postcard swap between Disa Wallander (Top) and me (Bottom).

Disa’s work is awesomeeee, everyone should really check her out! especially her Slowly Dying comic strips. I also fell in love with her exhibition space in the Brighton Show last month. She’s really nice, and I’m glad we did this little swap together!

She sent me a scene where a group of cannibalistic girls carry a body down a landscape, and I sent Disa a girl with a colourful shirt saying hey to her.  

Sweet postcard swap with Marianna Madriz! Check out her work too! Really fun illustrations with a great sense of design. Thanks for the swap Marianna (:

Aug 22
five drawings of a Milky Way wrapper

five drawings of a Milky Way wrapper

Aug 21
someone in the sketchbook

someone in the sketchbook

Aug 20


A short (8 page) comic, “Catch sun,” with a little story about Lion and Mii, is now available on my Gumroad page for free. I think it’s the cutest/most positive comic I’ve drawn yet … you’ve been warned.

(I like to keep most of my online comics free so anyone can read them but also I am currently unemployed sooooo … any little helps. <3 Big thanks to anyone who has ever paid for any of my comics.)


Aug 19

Small paintings from a Swedish forest. On bad paper.

Aug 10

oh well, it was ok while it lasted


oh well, it was ok while it lasted

Aug 8

Aug 6


Postcard Swap!!!

Here’s mine and disawallander cut n stickin’ postcards.

Mine shows a warrior girl character and Disa did some cheeky critters.

so much fun to swap real art with real people, this was for @postcard-club run by the fantastic chedwardbeaverdam

Can’t wait to do more, if anyone is up for doing one, send me a msg!

you all jealous of my 3D warrior postcard or what

also same if you fancy a swap, message or email me!

Aug 4
drawing cars is but one my many skills

drawing cars is but one my many skills


Full and empty.


Full and empty.

Aug 2

Inside out 3 is now up on my Gumroad for $1 if you care to read some more strips like the above.

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